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    Bring Out Your Inner Champion

    12 Months of Giving Charitable Fund

    12 Months of Giving Charitable Fund

    On May 17, 2017, we launched our new initiative, 12 Months of Giving, to support the work of Go Doc Go and TMI Project, two separate local not-for-profits driven by their missions to be agents of change.

    Go Doc Go (GDG) is a global women’s health care initiative based in the Hudson Valley that establishes and maintains cervical cancer screening programs around the globe. GDG’s founder, Dr. Maggie Carpenter, and her team have successfully established five programs in Ethiopia, Senegal and Haiti since 2014, that have screened and treated thousands of women.

    TMI Project offers transformative memoir workshops and performances that invite storytellers and audience members to explore new perspectives. TMI Project envisions a world where true storytelling is an agent of change; where, through the sharing of radically candid, true, personal narratives, everyone—storytellers and listeners alike—can become empowered, release shame and stigma, and replace old understandings with new ones. They aim to incite social, legal, and political change by arming activists with the skills needed to be captivating storytellers, and by amplifying the voices of populations whose stories often go unheard.

    We established 12 Months of Giving Campaign as a charitable arm of the gallery, to give back to community causes close to our hearts.  Each year, different charities will be chosen to be beneficiaries of the gallery’s fundraising campaigns. Giving is a cornerstone of our programming and we don’t want our outreach to be a one-off. We are committing to both projects over the next twelve months to be their  champions. We are invested in doing business in a different way, one that is not just about our profitability, but in a way that supports other organizations who are working toward the greater good. We also want to partner with organizations that are headed-up by people we believe in. We have watched both programs grow from the early stages and have witnessed their drive, passion, and commitment. Their dedication is nothing less than contagious.