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    12 Months of Giving: Art for Good


    In May of 2017 we launched our charitable initiative, 12 Months of Giving, to support the work of local nonprofit organizations. “Giving is a cornerstone of our programming, and we don’t want our outreach to be a one-off. We are committing to both projects over the next twelve months to be their champions,” says Cronin. “We are invested in doing business in a different way, one that is not just about our profitability, but in a way that supports other organizations who are working toward the greater good. We have watched both programs grow from the early stages and have witnessed their drive, passion, and commitment. Their dedication to being agents of change is nothing less than contagious.”


    A revolutionary intersection of art and medicine, “The Box” is a socially-conscious, collaborative, public art installation created by Ryan Cronin of CronArtUSA and Go Doc Go Founder Maggie Carpenter, MD.  “The Box”enables participants to circumvent the traditional Pap smear used to screen for cervical cancer. Part self-collection space, part art space, “The Box” is a privacy booth installed in a public location that gives women a safe place to independently swab a sample to be tested for the HPV virus, the leading cause of cervical cancer. “The Box” bypasses traditional medical routes: No exam is necessary.

    Early detection is instrumental in preventing the development of cervical cancer. "The Box" had beta installations at the O+ Festival in Kingston, NY and the Old Stone House in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with future installations to come. Though too early in the sampling process to provide conclusive data, at both installations CronArtUSA and Go Doc Go found that 1 in 8 women who self-swabbed in “The Box” tested positive for HPV.  It was this early detection that allowed for referral and further evaluation

    As a forward-thinking intersection between art and medicine, “The Box” is a true collaboration. “It intricately marries our two professions, while challenging cultural norms of institutionalized control over medicine. This makes care accessible to all audiences, with a particular focus on reaching individuals who otherwise might not have access,” emphasizes Carpenter. “The potential to impact lives is so far reaching.”

    2017 RECIPIENTS:


    "Truth Will Set Us Free" (created in partnership with the TMI Project)

    ("The Truth Will Set Us Free," created by Ryan Cronin for the TMI Project as part of 12 Months of Giving.)


    We established 12 Months of Giving Campaign as a charitable arm of the gallery, to jump into action and give back to the community. Each year, one charity will be chosen as a beneficiary of CronArtUSA's campaigns. Constant giving is a cornerstone of our programming. We are committed as champions to every nonprofit during its time under our wing, and are invested in doing business in a different way: one that is not just about our profitability but ultimately working towards the greater good. The time is now, not later.

    Giving is contagious. Let's give.

    Click here to donate.