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    Blog — Collaborations

    ROOTED: ART + LAND, for Upstate Art Weekend

    ROOTED: ART + LAND, for Upstate Art Weekend

    A collaboration between The Cronin Gallery, The Dorsky Museum, The Wallkill Valley Land Trust, and Women’s Studio Workshop that places site-specific installations at outdoor locations in Rosendale, New Paltz, and Gardiner. The Wallkill Valley Land Trust is acting as a bridge between the artists, organizations, and the land, bringing contemporary art into trails and open spaces. Each organization is working with a woman-identified artist to present artwork at each location and will be hosting programming throughout the weekend at the different sites in order to engage our visitors and foster conversations around land stewardship and the importance of art in connecting communities.


    Outdoor Installations / On View from Dawn to Dusk - All Weekend

    • Women’s Studio Workshop @ 722 Binnewater Lane, Kingston / Artist: TBD

    • Dorsky Museum @ Nyquist Harcourt  Wildlife Sanctuary, 133 Huguenot St, New Paltz / Artist Emilie Houssart: Dorsky Museum 2021 Artist-in-Residence Emilie Houssart will be presenting new artwork that grew out of her exhibition DIRT: Inside Landscapes. Emilie's multidisciplinary projects address normalized symptoms of human-ecological disassociation, and related violence against ancient, interspecies models of collaboration.

    • The Cronin Gallery @ Gardiner Library, 133 Farmer’s Tpke, Gardiner / Artist Bel Falleiros: America (un)Known. Contrasting with the phallic monuments to Columbus and other “New World” colonizers scattered across the Americas, this horizontal circle form of clay-bricks celebrates ancestral and Indigenous forms of construction that bring humans, earth, and the cosmos together. Etched in various bricks are phrases composed by Black, Latinx and Indigenous people of the Americas that touch on ideas of home, belonging, and memory.

    Indoor Installation / On View Friday - Sunday, 12 pm - 6 pm

    • The Cronin Gallery @ Denizen Theatre, 10 Main St, Water St Market, New Paltz, NY / Artist Bel Falleiros: To Ripple with Water  Can we hold the night with our hands? Hold the hole, the well, the water (and earth) from where life begins and ends, begins….(Curated by Beth Tully for The Cronin Gallery)


    Saturday, August 28th:

    11 am - 12 pm / The Dorsky Museum @ NH Wildlife Sanctuary, 133 Huguenot St, New Paltz
    • Supergardening: Join artist Emilie Houssart for an interactive work challenging our desires for control over the landscape.
    2 pm - 4 pm / The Cronin Gallery @ Gardiner Library, 133 Farmer’s Tpk, Gardiner 
    • Collective Activation: America (un)known with Bel Falleiros. Join the artist as she shares popular knowledge, and the words of writers, and storytellers. These words, joined with publicly submitted phrases, are fired into clay-bricks which the artist uses to build a new monument, a living history that is ever-outward-reaching, embracing, and uplifting.
    2 pm - 3 pm / The Dorsky Museum @ NH Wildlife Sanctuary, 133 Huguenot St, New Paltz
    • Supergardening: Join artist Emilie Houssart for an interactive performance work challenging our desires for control over the landscape.

    Sunday, August 29th:

    10 am - 12 pm / The Cronin Gallery @ Water Street Market, 10 Main St, New Paltz

    • Artist Brunch: Meet the Artists and enjoy light provisions

      2 pm - 3 pm / Dorsky Museum @ NH Wildlife Sanctuary, 133 Huguenot St., New Paltz

      • Supergardening: Join artist Emilie Houssart for an interactive performance work challenging our desires for control over the landscape.

      12:30 pm - 1:30 pm / The Cronin Gallery @ Denizen Theatre, 10 Main St, New Paltz

      • To Ripple With Water: A contemplative and immersive experience with Bel Falleiros, provoking us to ask, what remains when we slow down and listen?  The work invites us to ground ourselves, to make space for silence, to recall what’s left in the dark. 


      The Cronin Gallery w/ Guest Curator by Beth Tully
      • Bel Falleiros is a Brazilian artist whose practice focuses on land, belonging and building space for connection. Starting with her hometown, São Paulo, she has worked to understand how contemporary landscapes, city tissue and its monuments (mis)represent the diverse layers of presence that constitute a place. Walking is core to her practice and fundamental to her first solo show at CAIXA Cultural São Paulo, as well as to her residency at the Sacatar Institute in Bahia, Brazil (2014). Since arriving in the U.S., she has worked to create spaces for grounding and connecting people, including a site-specific installation at Pecos National Park, New Mexico (2016), an earth-work at Burnside Farm, Detroit (2017), sculptures for the garden of Tewa Women United, at the SFAI Equal Justice Residency (2018), and a brick ‘monument’ at Socrates Sculpture Park (2020). Beyond her studio practice, she participates in collaborative projects across the Americas connecting art, education and autonomous thinking. She is currently a More Art Engaging Artist Fellow in New York and a teaching artist at Dia:Beacon.
      • Guest Curator Beth Tully has coordinated shows in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, ranging from solo presentations to multi-layered installations and performances, in collaboration with artists, galleries, and event producers from around the world. Most recently, Beth served as the National Program Director for an arts nonprofit, cultivating creative, educational programming in public libraries across 8 U.S. cities. A former Director of Fountain Art Fair, Beth began her career in gallery sales and holds a degree in Art History from Hunter College.
      • The Cronin Gallery is The Hudson Valley home of Contemporary Artist Ryan Cronin, featuring a rotating exhibition curated from his extensive body of original works. Known for his deep sense of color and placement, Cronin takes inspiration from his surroundings and reconfigures the world through art, uniting us through shared experience. Guided by Cronin’s ethos of cultural awareness and inclusivity The Cronin Gallery is also a vibrant community hub where Cronin’s bold iconography taps into a collective nostalgia, creating connection and sparking dialogue. 

      The Cronin Gallery10 Main Street, Water St Market, Suite 405, New Paltz, NY 12561, 845.430.8470
      Email The Cronin Gallery

      The Dorsky Museum

      • Emilie Houssart is a Dutch American artist based in upstate New York. Her multidisciplinary projects address symptoms of human-ecological dissociation, and related violence against ancient, interspecies models of collaboration. As the 2021 Artist in Residence, Houssart curated DIRT: Inside Landscapes at the Dorsky Museum and led community projects; shows include Owning Earth at Unison Arts Center, New Paltz, NY (current), Forest Geometries at Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium, and Potatocube, nomadic, Hudson Valley.
      • The Dorsky Museum at SUNY New Paltz is a college and community art museum with a permanent collection of over 6000 artworks and a lively schedule of programs and exhibitions.Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art

      The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, State University of New York at  New Paltz , 1 Hawk Drive, New Paltz, NY 12561, 845.257.3844
      Email The Dorsky Museum

      The Women’s Studio Workshop

      • TBD

      The Women’s Studio WorkshopP.O. Box 489, Rosendale, NY 12472 (722 Binnewater Lane, Kingston) 845.658.9133
      Email WSW



      The Wallkill Valley Land Trust 
      • Protecting nature for life. Whether you are looking down on the valley from the Shawangunk Ridge or up at the mountains, the trails, farms, and open spaces you see are protected by the work we do every day. 
      • WVLT works with landowners to secure conservation easements in order to permanently protect their land from future development for the benefit of present and future generations. We connect our community to the land by providing access to open space, including the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, educating the community on the importance of conservation, and engaging them in caring for the land we protect.

      Wallkill Valley Land TrustPO Box 208, New Paltz, NY 12561, 845.255.2761
      Email WVLT



      Expect A Bike

      Expect A Bike
      The power of the ‘Expect A Bike’ painting lies in the act of collaboration with the community and the social by-product more than in the physical work itself— in essence, the social interaction is the art and the impact of the project goes beyond the original piece.

      Read more

      12 Months of Giving - Art For Good

      12 Months of Giving - Art For Good


      In 2017, we launched our initiative, 12 Months of Giving, as a charitable arm of CronArtUSA to support the work of not-for-profits who are driven by their mission to be agents of change. We partner with organizations that are headed up by people who we believe in and whose dedication to making the world a better place is nothing less than contagious.

      Our goal with the fund is not only to raise money for the chosen NFP, but it is also to develop strong partnerships where we become their champions. Since the inception of the fund Ryan has created original work that we have sold and donated a portion of the sales and we have held various events to raise funds and awareness about the work that they do. 



      "The Box" - A Revolutionary Intersection of Art and Medicine

      "The Box" - A Revolutionary Intersection of Art and Medicine
      A revolutionary intersection of art and medicine, “The Box” is a socially-conscious, collaborative, public art installation created by Artist Ryan Cronin of CronArtUSA, alongside Go Doc Go Founder Maggie Carpenter, MD.  “The Box” enables participants to circumvent the traditional, in-person pap smear method to screen for cervical cancer. Part self-collection space, part art space, “The Box” is a privacy booth installed in a public location that gives participants a safe place to independently swab a sample to be tested for the HPV virus, the leading cause of cervical cancer. “The Box” bypasses institutionalized medical routes: No exam is necessary.

      Read more