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    Blog — cronartusa

    Who is "The Man?"

    Who is "The Man?"

    And as Father's Day approaches, I keep asking myself:
    What does it mean to be 'The Man?'
    - Artist Ryan Cronin

    "THE MAN"

    As he's been assembling his latest piece (working title "The Man"), Cronin's spent a lot of time pondering what it means to be "the man" in today's world. The phrase, after all, suggests someone of great status and high regard; someone to admire. Cronin shares his philosophy of what being "the man" means to him: "As a father I feel responsible to set an example for my kids and to teach them what 'the man' really is or better yet what it means to be human; to be present and confident, while approaching others with understanding, respect, and awareness, no matter who they are or where they come from."

    Who are the men in your life?
    How about the fathers?

    At CronArtUSA, we're committed to the reinvention of manhood, and part of that is sharing our latest product "The Man" t-shirt with you. Be a part of the art and share your own, redefined vision of manhood with the fathers in your life-- just in time for Father's Day on June 17th. Place your orders today (June 6th) to ensure they arrive in time!