The TMI Project Thinks the Truth Will Set Us Free. Ryan Cronin Agrees.

Less than 24 hours after it’s unveiling, Ryan Cronin’s “The Truth Will Set You Free,” which Cronin created for the Kingston-based nonprofit organization TMI Project, sold to a new owner. As part of CronArtUSA’s mission to give back through its charitable arm 12 Months of Giving, a significant portion of the proceeds will go directly to the TMI Project. Regarding the painting, its new owner James stated, “I can't wait to spend time with it.  I really like the messages "I Hit My Head and This is What I Saw" and "Truth Will Set You Free". The unique Pop Art that Ryan imagines resonates with me.”

The 12 Months of Giving Initiative was launched to benefit the community at large, with an emphasis on the nonprofit sector in the arts, humanities, and health. Cronin was extremely excited to collaborate with an old friend, Eva Tenuto (cofounder of TMI Project), feeling that it was a “privilege” to support her and TMI Project’s endeavors. Although the original “The Truth Will Set Us Free” sold, you can still purchase signed, original prints here. (A portion of the proceeds will also go directly to TMI Project.)

"Cronin exercises a mature, creative, yet, satirical seriousness about life's mysterious eternal questions and presents them in his works innocently and without reservation,” continued James on Cronin’s work. “He doesn't react to these questions in his pieces; he anticipates them,” We’re happy the painting went to a happy home; and we’re happy that our work went to a wonderful new home.

For more information on or to donate to 12 Months of Giving, click here.