Story Board

96" x 48" Oil On Board

Brimming with dark humor, Story Board quite literally depicts a plane nosediving from the sky. Influenced by Ryan’s previous work with film studies, the narrative is represented through a sequence of eight roughly square sections which are reminiscent of traditional filmstrips. In the top section, a plane rides straight along toward the bottom of the square and slowly progresses towards a height where its wing extends out of the picture plane. In opposition, the plane in the bottom section rapidly heads down until it has crashed and been replaced by darkness. The image has a great deal of visual symmetry, for aside from the mirroring of the top and bottom lines, the first frame is a white square containing three black dots and the last frame is a black square containing three white dots. While the painting depicts a rather violent subject, the cartoonish style and deadpan manner of approach add an almost comedic layer to the work.


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