Sausage Eater Series VI

48" x 48" Oil On Board
Created as part of the ‘Sausage Eater’ series, Sausage Eater Series VI joins a narrative with Sausage Eater Series II. Featuring two faces in profile, the individuals look in opposite directions and share a head. In opposition to Sausage Eater Series II, the heads in Sausage Eater Series VI are painted in black and set against a white background. Additionally this painting features five black circles. Similarly to Sausage Eater Series II, there is a certain level of ambiguity in regards to if the figures are eating or spitting out the sausages. The sausage here is particularly long and thin-- decorated with orange dots, it coils around the figures’ heads. However, where the heads in Sausage Eater Series II are groundless and floating, in this painting they are held up by a neck-like form which connects to a body. Upon second glance, the heads also act as two faces to a single head which has a body with a pair of arms and legs and a dot where the genitalia would be. Another genderless being, the figure in this work remains enigmatic. With the bold outlines, multitude of shapes and varying degrees of color-blocking, the painting is visually exciting.

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