"The Box" - A Revolutionary Intersection of Art and Medicine

What Is It?

A revolutionary intersection of art and medicine, “The Box” is a socially-conscious, collaborative, public art installation created by Artist Ryan Cronin of CronArtUSA, alongside Go Doc Go Founder Maggie Carpenter, MD.  “The Box” enables participants to circumvent the traditional, in-person pap smear method to screen for cervical cancer. Part self-collection space, part art space, “The Box” is a privacy booth installed in a public location that gives participants a safe place to independently swab a sample to be tested for the HPV virus, the leading cause of cervical cancer. “The Box” bypasses institutionalized medical routes: No exam is necessary.

How It Began

Dr. Carpenter and Cronin first began working with one another through Cronin’s charitable fund 12 Months of Giving. The fund supports the work of nonprofit organizations whose missions are to be agents of change. For the past five years Go Doc Go has focused its efforts on preventing cervical cancer in low and middle income countries; however, with cervical cancer on the rise in the United States, Dr. Carpenter felt the need to take action on the homefront as well. Traditionally, cervical cancer screening has been done with a pap smear, which requires a doctor’s visit. Now HPV testing is an established alternative to pap smear screening in individuals 30 to 65. Studies have shown that people are capable of self-collecting their samples and “The Box” provides a safe, private place for women to do so.

How It Works

Sitting outside of  “The Box” participants will find medical professionals staffed through Go Doc Go, who will walk them through how to self-collect the sample. The participant then goes into “The Box” which acts as a private room to collect the sample and upon exiting hands it back to Go Doc Go who will process the samples for testing and reach out to all participants within two weeks with the results. All of the tests are processed through Bioreference labs and referrals are made for those individuals who test positive for the virus.

Who We Serve

This project serves individuals between the ages of 30 and 65 who have not had a pap smear in the past three years. It serves individuals from all backgrounds and socio-economic classes. It serves individuals who do not have health insurance. It serves individuals who dread a pap smear and/or who are afraid to go to the doctor.


More information on Go Doc Go can be found at: godocgo.org.