We have crafted our website to comprehensively tell the story of who Artist Ryan Cronin is, the birth of CronArtUSA, and how we have developed into a social impact enterprise rooted in contemporary art, with a passsion for doing good work. Also we like to have fun, so if it isn't fun, we don't do it.

Explore this page for valuable bits of info, links to original work, and loads of great content to immerse yourself in and share with your people.


For a period of six months photographer/filmmaker, Adam Weiss, followed Ryan around from NY to Miami, documenting Ryan and his process. If you want to get a little insight into the man behind the magic, this is a great place to start!

Click below to explore Cronin's original work. Be sure to dig into the descriptions of the pieces as they provide keen insight into both the subject matter and his process.

You, me. Here, now

We are firm believers in the idea, "Art is business, and business is art." We believe art is fundamental to the human experience and carries the power to effect positive change on a global scale. We are doing extraordinary things rooted in Ryan Cronin’s iconic artwork and driven by innovative partnerships with change-makers from around the world. 

Ryan takes ordinary things, the things around us, the things we grew up with, the things we all relate to and makes art of  them - It’s here. It’s around us. You don’t need to go someplace else or pretend to be someone you’re not. It’s here and  it’s real…so what are you waiting for? 

Guess what Andy Warhol, Basquiat, and Keith Herring have in common with Ryan Cronin? Their artwork is hanging together in a collection in Mallorca, Spain. More proof that Cronin is an international gem, working right here in New York's Hudson Valley. The traditional artworld puts barriers between artists and collectors, and we are here to shake that up. We invite you to reach out to schedule a meet-up in the gallery with Ryan and the team.

Activate a space

A Cronin piece(s) activates any room, at home or in a professional setting. From farmhouses to contemporary spaces, Cronin's work translates seemlessly, creating a focal point to spark conversation, and boost creativity. Psst...See that Obama painting? Well, it just made a trip to Chicago, and is in the final phase of curatorial review to be included in the permanent collection in the Obama Presidential Center Museum. They have said it could take up to a year for final confirmation, so stay tuned, we will keep you posted.

The Brand

We are doing some pretty revolutionary things here at CronArtUSA, Inc. and we’re excited to share them with you. Our business model is definitely not conventional, but neither are we. In 2015 we opened The Cronin Gallery + The Shop as a home-base, in New Paltz, New York to give collectors and fans a place to view selections from Cronin's vast body of work, and from where the team could prototype, create, test, and sell an ever-growing product line, fueled by Cronin’s imagery. 


The artist

Contemporary artist Ryan Cronin’s bold iconography grounds the viewer in time and place by tapping into our collective nostalgia. His work is accessible and emotional with a playful edge. An established painter, sculptor, and muralist, Cronin has been showing and creating work worldwide since the early ’90s.

the art

Described as a modern adaptation of Pop, a Cronin original teeters between Abstract and Representational. Each is a mashup of high and low culture, driven by a deep sense of color and placement, marked by his signature iconography, and emboldened by a gloss finish.

the brand

CronArtUSA, the brand behind the artist, oversees The Cronin Gallery + The Shop based in New Paltz, NY featuring a rotating exhibition of Cronin’s original works and an extensive product line with designs rooted in Cronin’s bold imagery. The product-line is grounded in Cronin’s belief that art should be in and of the world we live in and accessible to all.

social impact

When Ryan, and Melanie opened the gallery doors in 2015, they committed themselves to using Ryan’s art for good. Their 12 Months of Giving Fund, founded in 2017, made good on that commitment, and has since been woven into every facet of their business. Over the years the Cronin’s have partnered with countless organizations and changemakers in support of initiatives that are close to their hearts.
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