Delicious Handmade Candy

48" x 48" Oil On Board

Delicious Handmade Candy is an abstract work which features bright circular and triangular shapes in red, yellow and white. Set against a black background, the forms are highly contrasted and pop out from the picture plane. Upon first glance, the work painting appears to be a rendition of multiplied bullseye, with prominent concentric circles framed with yellow, but the title helps to shift the focus of the work and centralize a theme. Candy has been a popular subject for many artists throughout history, including Félix González-Torres’s notable Untitled (Placebo) (1991) in which he arranged individually wrapped candies that viewers could take from as a meditation on the HIV/AIDS crisis in America. Similarly to González-Torres’s socially aware and often participatory work, Ryan’s practice engages with the public and through projects such as the ‘12 Months of Giving’ fund and ‘The Box.’


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