Love Can Fly

48" x 48" Oil On Board
We have partnered with #FoundersGive, a food and beverage industry initiative that feeds healthcare workers on the frontlines in New York City. Purchase the original piece, “Love Can Fly” and Cronin will donate 10% of the sale to #FoundersGive. Let’s pay it forward. Let’s show the love, and support those on the frontlines.
Cronin has been using high-gloss enamels for over twenty years. Initially discovered out of necessity because he wanted to paint large scale and buying paint at the art store was not an option, Cronin now would not have it any other way. He loves how thick the paint pours from the can and the control he has over it running off of the brush. He also enjoys the evidence of the hand in each stroke in juxtaposition to the manufactured gloss finish/feel. 


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